Welcome to The Wilding Festival!

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What’s it all about?

50_82_1326 SQUARE WEB2The Wilding Festival is about equality. It’s about protest and it’s about hope and however these ideas resonate or conflict in our day to day lives. Wherever you stand on the issues, everyone has something to take away from Emily Davison’s story. By presenting a wide and varied range of brand new art works and presentations we hope to provide an inspiring environment for people inviting discussion, reflection and discovery.

 The Festival is also about bringing people together. Through our programme and community engagement projects we are bringing together artists of many disciplines from all over the world, and children and adults from Bloomsbury and the neighbouring communities. We are looking forward to welcoming an equally diverse audience to come and join in our celebrations. We hope that people of all ages, and backgrounds will find something that inspires or excites them, whether it’s a thought-provoking piece of art, a well told story or the buzz of a community procession.
We are extremely honoured to be hosting the festival in the unique setting of St George’s Church, and to open the doors of this incredible building that played such an important role in this centenary. In our preparations we have been continuously excited, surprised and delighted by the wealth of knowledge, passion and creativity coming from our contributors and we believe the Wilding Festival will be a truly inspirational experience as we remember this unforgettable legacy at the heart of our city.

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 St George’s Bloomsbury would like to acknowledge the support of the World Monuments Fund for their recent restoration. WMF Britain WEB